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Our first ever case!

In 2011 Blue Chip Association's Edward Purcell won a case against a reduction in hours of council-run school crossing staff outside Dulwich Hamlet Junior School and Dulwich Village Infants’ School in Dulwich Village. Alice Hayes, 61, was due to lose her job and 72-year-old colleague Kath Horgan was to have her hours cut from 20 to 10 per week.


"BCSA did a fantastic job, not only saving my job, but assisted me in every way, even helping me fill in forms so I could get my pension. Fantastic service."


Kath Horgan

"This was a very stressful time with the threat of losing my job as Crossing Patrol.  A job I have done for 32 years, BCSA officer Edward Purcell mounted the campaign to back us through a petition and then persuaded the council to reverse their decision to axe us.  I am so relieved I joined. Thank you so much BCSA"


Alice Hayes​

“We are pleased to see that common sense prevails and the crossing patrols in Dulwich are finally saved. Well done to everyone involved in this campaign"


Announcement from Cllr Toby Eckersley, Dulwich Ward

"... I am delighted to be able to inform you that we are abandoning the plans to withdraw the school crossing patrol attendant from this location. I have no reason to think that Apcoa would want to or could remove Alice from this site, and whilst staff deployment is not strictly speaking my area of responsibility, I have made it known that I think it is very important that she continues to provide the diligent and popular service she has provided here for 31 years. This proves that decisions can be over turned when communities come together as one. BCSA will defend it's members and work with the local communities. I am extremely pleased for the 2 ladies involved as this was a very stressful time for them in particular..."


Councillor Barrie Hargrove, Cabinet member for Transport

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