Please find below some important updates for your consideration:

Zero Hours and Unfair Dismissal Employees who work on zero hours contracts are now able to enforce the ban on exclusivity clauses in their contracts. If their contract prevents them from getting more work with another employer and then their current employer dismisses them for doing so, the employee can claim unfair dismissal from day one of their employment, i.e. they do not need to wait the usual 2 years for protection.

Discriminatory Comments During Recruitment

An employer has been ordered to pay over £10,000 to an employee who found that he had written discriminatory comments on her CV, stating that her positives were that she had worn a dress and red lipstick to the interview. This reinforces the point that no personal comments should be included within interview paperwork because it is possible that this paperwork would be disclosable at tribunal if a job applicant were to make a claim of discrimination.

Auto Enrolment Phase-in Reaches Final Stages

We are now over 3 years since the first stages of pension auto enrolment implementation (which is the legal duty to put your employees into a pension scheme) and the smallest of employers are now having to become involved. Employers with fewer than 30 employees, who have not already reached their staging date, will be staged in, in the coming months dependent on their PAYE reference number.

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