Bursary benefit takes money worries out of studies

“This bursary from Community was a life saver…”

Community has always been a champion of lifelong learning. To help acheive this, the union established a fund that provides members (or their children) with a bursary to support them in their first year at university or higher education college. Every year, Community offers up to 20 bursaries of various amounts ranging from £500 up to £4,500 – to Community members or their children all across the UK.

These bursaries have already made a significant impact on the lives of the members who have successfully applied. Some of last year’s recipients have shared their stories.

Billie, a Community member aged 18 said:

“I decided to apply for the bursary as I was going to start a degree in politics and international relations. I was lucky enough to have received a bursary in order to help with the high costs of studying in London. This was extremely helpful to me especially with rent whilst I was in the process of getting settled at university. By simply applying for the bursary, I didn’t feel the stress about money which many other students had, meaning I was able to focus solely on settling in and getting used to my new surroundings. After university I hope to work in law and having a bit of extra money for rent has allowed me to go out and seek positive work experience and participate in political events.”

Pictured is bursary recipient Billie

Deun, a Community member aged 46, said:

“I am currently a 1st year student on a full time BSc Hons Nursing Adult course. I applied for the community bursary benefit in 2019 and was delighted that my application was accepted! I hadn’t been able to work for over two months before the Christmas break and my student loan evaporated in no time. So this bursary from Community was a life saver (literally). I was able to pay rent in advance and have some peace (phew) thank God and I mean that! I can now concentrate on achieving my degree and starting my dream career.”

If your son or daughter is applying for university, or you are thinking of returning to higher education, think about applying for a Community bursary you can download an application form here.

If you have any questions regarding our bursary benefit then just get in touch with our Service Centre team by emailing them on servicecentre@community-tu.org or give them a call on 0800 389 6332

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