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Our first ever case!

In 2011 Blue Chip Association's Edward Purcell won a case against a reduction in hours of council-run school crossing staff outside Dulwich Hamlet Junior School and Dulwich Village Infants’ School in Dulwich Village. Alice Hayes, 61, was due to lose her job and 72-year-old colleague Kath Horgan was to have her hours cut from 20 to 10 per week.


"BCSA did a fantastic job, not only saving my job, but assisted me in...

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November 2019

I would like to express my thanks to BCSA whilst supporting me recent grievance against a local authority.

The advice and support have been greatly appreciated.

This service has recently been expanded into a new Union called Community.

This has now created a wider opportunity for its members. If i had any advice to offer colleagues it would be join union.

But not just any union I would only recommend Community Union.

It provides excellent advice via all forms of communication.

The service is personalised to the member. Community cares about it's members and values there's issues within the work place.

Without this Community and Ted Purcell I would not be confident of getting this level of service from any other  Union.

Please Join the Union who cares what you need.


June 2019

I have been through the most testing time for months at work, and Ted Purcell has been my saviour, i cannot praise this trade union BCSA enough, they are a shining light when you feel you are in a dark tunnel, when you feel there is no place to turn, call BCSA you won't regret it


London - September 2018

Thanks you so much for all the help and support you have given me in probably one of the most difficult times of my life. You and your union do a wonderful job of helping people in the most stressful times of peoples life. you know how to fight for justice. Don't ever give up as we need more people like you in the world. You help everyone and you get things done.


September 2018

I recently joined BCSA, and I had to use their services in September 2018. I would like to say a big thank you to Ted and his team who supported me through a difficult time.

I would recommend joining an independent union who cares about the individual.

There are many unions to choose from however they are not always independent.

If you want freedom, independent support and advice then there is only one union for you.


an employee of KCC.


London - August 2018

I joined the BCSA in the face of an unprecedented suspension from my civil service employer, from whom I resigned to pursue a complex legal case against  them. The BCSA were very quick to respond to my request for help and gave me instant advice by phone. Subsequently the BCSA advised me, attended meetings with me and then supported me through the ten months of convoluted legal process where, albeit I had professional legal advice, they were always available to offer a second opinion and moral support. My case ended in an out of court settlement three days before it was due in front of an Employment Tribunal. I would recommend the BCSA to anyone seeking a pragmatic and professional union, their staff are excellent and albeit a small union they punch above their weight.

School Business Manager

Kent July 2018

 "BCSA were my knights in shining armour! I experienced a period in my working career whereby I was placed under a lot of pressure and it made me very unwell at the time.  I had nowhere to turn and needed help and advice. 


As if by magic, BCSA were just around the corner and I cannot thank them enough. 




Watford July 2018

 "My recent dealings with BCSA union have been on both occasions supportive, professional and understanding of my needs. Putting the employee first every time. Quick responses for assistance and support and always on hand for advice and reassurance. Highly recommended."


Bromley July 2018

 "What would l have done without the support from BCSA union. I thought my whole life was falling apart but Ted and his team supported me all the way. The advice and support was unbelievable. Thank you Ted. You are one in a million."


London July 2018

“ Ted Purcell & the BCSA Union team were truly instrumental in obtaining a beneficial financial retirement settlement for me. They aided me wonderfully throughout a lengthy post bereavement sickness period. I can not thank them enough.  Helpful, friendly & very professional"

Media, Publishing & Events

London October 2017

"I am a professional lady and for the the past 15 years I have been working with media, publishing, and events sector.

The industry I have been working for is one of the most competitive, unstable and merciless.
Employees have no values in the eyes of  employers and management, most of the time we are treated as disposable goods rather than human beings.


Here is where my story starts: 6 months ago I was employed by a multinational company which specializes in global events. During my probation time I have been working hard to prove myself and establishing my position from temporary to permanent.

At the end of my last business trip I did manage to secure business expectations and targets in full. On my first day back to the office after my successful business trip I was expecting to get my permanent contract secured. Instead I was called in a last minute meeting organised by the HR division to be fired.

Here is where I had my fortunate encounter with Ted. I was desperate, I couldn't  afford any legal fees, and all the lawyers I spoke to sounded greedy and unreliable, and they all fed me into false hopes and expectations. Luckily a friend recommended me to seek help and legal advice with the BCSA Union, sharing the details of the union founder, Ted Purcell who came highly recommended.

From the very first time that I spoke to Ted over the phone he told me the ugly truth, that I had few chances  to win this case, almost none. I was impressed by his direct and honest approach.
So when negotiations got nasty with my former employers, Ted stepped in as my legal advice.
He conducted brilliantly all the negotiations, his astute and experienced approach led me to victory.


Finally justice its done !

Words cannot express my gratitude to this man, he helped me winning a case that I thought was lost since day one, and his council over the past few weeks it has been priceless.

His victory helped me financially, but most of all, I consider this a moral victory, which has boosted up my moral.

Thank you Ted, you restored my  hope in the legal system.





"I have always paid my union fees slightly begrudgingly; I joined Blue Chip because I thought ‘that looks cheaper’ but never really expected my union to do anything for me. I remember colleagues talking about how unhelpful their union had been and so, like many others, I assumed they wouldn’t really have my interests at heart. 

So imagine my shock when I was faced with a situation, a relatively new and unique one to teaching, which could have ended my career.

Being a victim of false accusations made via social media many unions could easily have claimed that this wasn’t a union matter that it didn’t occur at work and so was out of their arena. I could have been left to deal with things alone. Yet from the first phone call to Blue Chip it was clear that they were fighting my corner.  A dedicated rep talked me through what was going to happen, offering tips and advice- when he needed to find more information out he didn’t ‘blag’ he explained that he wanted to do some research. 

The Blue Chip staff was there for me constantly, even answering calls late at night. They helped me deal with the press; they even offered moral support during interviews. They arranged specialist legal help to not only stop people from posting damaging comments but to also force those that had posted things to have them removed (something many Unions would not have bothered to do once it was clear my job was secure).

The staff at Blue Chip did not look at things in isolation, they didn’t pass me from person to person; the treated me like a person, they listened to my problems and they didn’t stop until they had fixed them. They were there to offer guidance, support, and an ear when I just needed to rant.

You really do get the best of both worlds with Blue Chip: the personal touch of a small business and the professional knowledge and clout of a large union.  I can’t recommend them enough."

Dental Nurse

"I’m a Dental Nurse with 27 years of field experience; in my last place of work I was there for 14 years. In November 2011 I was unfairly dismissed from my job. I was in total shock, as a professional worker in the health sector I felt no employer should treat any employee in this manor. I was not going to let my name and reputation be destroyed by this employer. I rang around for help and advice on unfair dismissal, no luck. But until a few weeks ago I came across a Union called Blue Chip Association, I contacted them and a wonderful gentleman called Edward Purcell. I explained in detail of my unfair dismissal, and straight away Mr  Purcell arranged a meeting with myself. Mr Purcell explained in great detail of my case and within a few days he got back to me, said I have a good case.


I sent a letter to my employer telling him that I am appealing against his decision and I will be represented by my Trade Union Blue Chip Staff Association.


BCSA won my case, got me compensation and a reference for future employment.

If it had not been for Mr Purcell and his team at the Blue Chip Staff Association I most definitely would have come away empty handed. I am recommending Blue Chip Staff Association to every one.

One more thing... they genuinely care."



"I am a teacher and having failed to get adequate assistance and support from a teaching Union I joined Blue Chip Staff Association, who provided me with timely, relevant and accurate advice. They subsequently achieved what was a very good settlement to a grievance. Ted Purcell was my personal representative and was professional, supportive and hard working throughout. I would highly recommend any teacher to join Blue Chip Staff Association as the service and commitment they show is outstanding."



"I would like to recommend everyone to join BCSA and say it is never too late to join and be part of an amazing Union that genuinely care about people. After raising a grievance in a very stressful place I experienced bullying and was made redundant from the Company that I worked.

Ted Purcell was a massive support and he and his team with their professionalism and support gave me the strength as an employee to stand up for my rights. Without the efficient and dedicated team at BCSA I would not have had the courage to go through with my case and I can honestly say that being part of the union has had a massively positive impact on my life.


As a dedicated employee it was a very stressful and upsetting time for me going through a work dispute and massively impacted on my health and confidence. Ted Purcell helped me to focus and just having someone to reassure me on the phone, attend meetings with me, liaised with my employers for me was such incredibly supportive.

I cannot thank Ted Purcell and his team, including the team of solicitors, enough and I only hope that by reading this you will join BCSA.

In life you never know what is around the corner and I am so grateful that I am a member of BCSA, having a successful outcome I was compensated and we achieved a fantastic result. I am now able to put the experience behind me and move on with life.

I can now smile and be proud. Thank you BCSA."



"I raised a grievance against my manager last year in  February 2016 but unfortunately due to lack of professional support I received from my previous trade union the result of it was really bad for me, despite the grievance was based on serious facts that were all documented. I was extremely stressed and disappointed by the whole process and the final result so I was advised by a friend to contact BCSA from which another friend received excellent support for her employment case. I contacted the BCSA and soon after I met Ted Purcell to seek advice for my grievance case. Ted immediately focused on the issues raised by me and he advised  me what I could do without further jeopardizing my present situation. After that first meeting Ted supported me to deal with management in an appropriate and professional way, putting me in a favorable and strong position.


I recently had an important meeting where the main issue was to consider my capability to work. I met Ted an hour before the meeting, I felt so anxious because there was not enough time for Ted to have an action plan for the meeting.

I was wrong. Ted in less then an hour went through a document of 113 pages, highlighting the main points to discuss during the meeting, also Ted mentioned a law and he pointed out that  I was under protection act due to my illness. Consequently they could not dismiss me ( in one of the Occupational Health report the doctor highlighted this law, but when I asked my previous trade union she did know what it was about.)


At the meeting Ted presented himself as a organized confident and very professional representative for me. He had a great communication approach to the members of the panel which made me feel stronger and gave me more confidence in the whole process.  I was impressed in the way Ted approached the situation and how he interacted with them, as a result the head manager and the head of Human Resources were unable to put in action their plan to dismiss me.


I felt that Ted really cared for my case, he helped me to win the battle and I am sure if I had contacted the BCSA earlier I could have obtained a better result from the grievance.


I highly recommend the BCSA, their professionalism and support is excellent".



"I would like to thank once again to Ted for his taking a continued interest in my problems and seeing them to a successful conclusion."


"I am a teacher and having failed to get adequate assistance and support from a teaching Union I joined Blue Chip Staff Association, who provided me with timely, relevant and accurate advice. They subsequently achieved what was a very good settlement to a grievance. Ted Purcell was my personal representative and was professional, supportive and hard working throughout. I would highly recommend any teacher to join Blue Chip Staff Association as the service and commitment they show is outstanding."


"A big thank you to Ted and all the team at BCSA for helping me resolve my recent work related issue. It's good to know that when the chips are down, there's a great team of people there who can keep you positive and help you through the difficulties created by others. Thanks again guys and keep fighting the good fight."


Dear Blue Chip Association,

I am writing on behalf of my mother who recently took her case to you. I have typed up her testimonial as she would like to express her thanks to the Blue Chip team.


"My name is Patience Marks and I am a Catering Manager. I would like to give my thanks and gratitude to Blue Chip Staff Association Trade Union for their quick response and resolution of my case. I was left in a terrible position for almost a year by my former union and employer when they refused to pursue my case, which to them was irrelevant. I took my case to Blue Chip and words cannot express how well they dealt with my case; within a few weeks it was successfully resolved and I received what was entitled to me.

I would also like to personally recommend Edward Purcell for his outstanding performance on this case. Not only because he won, resulting in me receiving payment, but his approach to his work is excellent. He is very supportive, approachable, available, and non-judgmental. He also dealt with me one to one and made me feel at ease with my problem.

I would gladly recommend Blue Chip to anyone who is finding difficulties with their union or employer. For anyone in need of help, Edward Purcell is the man to go to."

RB Sales Advisor


"When I left my job as a sales advisor for a utility company I had payments outstanding for expenses & wages.

I tried every avenue to get what was owed, phone call after phone call after phone call but every time I was fobbed off and told they were looking into it. I was banging my head against a brick wall, but one call to Ted & the Blue chip staff Association and within a week all I was entitled too was paid.

Thanks guys, next time I won't take so long asking for help."


"I would recommend anyone to join BCSA. They solved my problem and they really do care.”


What a little package of dynamite! Chloe Godfrey is one of the best reps I have seen in a long time...

She has a persona that is unbelievable I did not want to say to her directly but the only other person I have seen like her is *********** TUC Tutor who is another person I have respect for... Long may she reign.

I had reservations at first but not now.

Thanks Ted no need to send anyone else no more......Well done Chloe !!


"Thanks very much for representing me at my disciplinary hearing this morning.

Beforehand I was very nervous but chatting with you helped calm my nerves.

Once the hearing had started and you swung into action I began to feel much better about the eventual outcome.

Throughout the hearing having you next to me gave me confidence to clearly put my case.

When I go back to work on Monday there will be a few awkward moments, but, I know that, whatever happens, I am a member of a union that will fight for me and my job."

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